Kraco® Floor Mats

Dramatically enhance and protect the flooring inside your vehicle

Depend on the quality of Kraco® floor mats to keep your car’s flooring looking like new.

Protect the floor of your car from dirt, grime, rain and snow and even the occasional spill that could spell disaster to your flooring. Whether you choose heavy-duty rubber or luxurious carpet, our high quality options offer protection, safety and style.

Kraco® is the U.S. market leader, providing durable, high quality Floor Mats to their customers for more than 50 years. KCCI offers you the full range of Kraco® Floor Mats as well as tailored mats designed to meet the needs of specific vehicles. Understanding automotive trends allows Kraco® to design Floor Mats with innovative features that ensure performance and durability while providing the best fit for today’s vehicles. For more information on Kraco® Floor Mats, visit or contact us for more details.

Our passion for quality and performance shows in every detail.

The best floor protection available anywhere! Kraco® floor mats are stylish while giving your vehicle the protection you desire. When it comes to quality floor mats, Kraco® has you covered. Completely.


Pointed nibs grab carpet surface to hold rubber floor mats in place.

Retention Post Technology

Recessed spaces fit over retention posts to secure floor mats.

Anti-slip Backing

Textured back surface grips carpet to prevent floor mats from slipping.

Trim to Fit

Multiple trim tabs allow a perfect fit for rubber mats

The combination of SHARK TEETHTM Nibs and Retention Post Technology enables Kraco® Floor Mats to remain secure under 70.9 pounds of pull force (vs. 7.2 and 13.5 pound of force with similar competitive mats).

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How to customize rubber floor mats to fit your car.

Rubber Floor Mats

SNOW_TIRES Keep the inside of your car clean, even when the weather is unpleasant outside. Kraco® Rubber Floor Mats are designed to protect your car’s flooring against wear and tear, dirt, grime and harsh winter conditions. KCCI also offers Floor Mats with the renowned Goodyear® name in some areas. These officially licensed Floor Mats offer the quality, safety, durability and reliability you’ve come to expect from one of the world’s most trusted brands. Whether you choose lightweight or extra heavy duty styles, Rubber Floor Mats from KCCI will help your car survive the elements with added protection for any car – old or new.

Rubber/Carpet Floor Mats

Car_splashThe environment outside your car is constantly changing and unpredictable. Whatever the conditions, rain, dirt and even the wear and tear from daily use, you can count on Kraco® Carpet and Rubber Floor Mats to protect the the flooring inside your car while enhancing the appearance. They combine a heavy-duty rubber material in the heavy wear areas by the pedals and around the edges, with carpet to provide comfort and durability for everyday driving. They’re available in “Trim to Fit” styles so it’s easy to get a custom fit. And a non-slip backing keeps mats firmly in place.

Carpet Floor Mats

ScotchGard_Logo_223x160For everyday protection from wear and tear, Kraco® Carpet Floor Mats are ideal to protect the flooring of your vehicle. Designed to look like the original flooring, you can add protection without sacrificing style. If you are looking for something a bit more durable, KCCI also offers styles with Scotchgard™ Protector to ensure that spills will clean up quickly and easily keeping your carpet floor mats cleaner, longer.

Car Boot Mats

Preserve the flooring in the cargo area of your vehicle.  KCCI offers a range of Car Boot Mats with choices from light rubber for basic protection to heavy-duty mats that remain securely in place and offer the ultimate in coverage. Whether you are storing items, picking up groceries or transporting wet pets or dirty sports gear, Car Boot Mats will protect your flooring from dirt, grime and wear and tear.