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Kraco’s Cargo Boot Mat with Storage

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Check out Kraco’s newest floor mat innovation – The Cargo Boot Mat with Storage. A sleek and attractive Boot Mat that instantly opens into a spacious organizer. Use flat when hauling gardening supplies, or the family dog, then simply pull up on the convenient tabs to open into dual storage compartments. The Cargo Boot Mat with Storage features trim lines for a custom fit in most cars and SUVs.

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Colour behind the design

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Did you ever wonder why red is associated with Valentine’s Day? Of course it’s the colour of a heart… at least when oxygen hits it. But more than that, there’s a whole psychology as to why it stimulates certain reactions in the human body. And it just so happens that many Kraco products like steering wheel covers, seat covers and car fresheners feature this high-energy colour.

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Kraco® Seat Covers – Keeping Cars Stylish

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It doesn’t take much for an accidental spill to spoil the internal appearance of a vehicle.  Kraco Seat Covers offer the perfect solution to protect seats, whether this be a brand new car where the interior appearance is important to maintain, or a second hand car that needs a bit of an internal update. Kraco Seat covers can do just that, and the large variety of styles and colours mean that we have something for everyone.

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Fun air fresheners for long summer car journeys

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KCCI offers a large range of car air fresheners under the Scents Brand, including various summer styles with something to suit everyone! The extensive range includes 3D novelties, discreet, carded, vent oils, vent sticks and even stick-on glass variants.

KCCI’s summer novelty range includes dolphins, turtles and palm trees, as well as tropical vent oil fragrances:

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Kraco® Floor Mats – Protect your Vehicle

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Anti-Slip_1200x800Many cars have a fitted floor covering on the interior and sometimes even a protective area by the floor pedals, however once this starts to wear there’s no easy way to replace this. With this fitted floor covering spills and marks are hard to clean, and if moisture levels build up in the same area there is a risk of mould forming, resulting in an unpleasant interior environment. KCCI offer a vast array of floor mats in a variety of styles, ensuring the original floor covering remains protected and mats can be easily removed for cleaning and replaced if needed. Read More

10 Car and Home air care products for a pleasant fragrance in your surroundings

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In car air freshener With Kraco’s Breakthrough Innovation in Air Care technology, there’s no reason to drive around with unpleasant smells in your car. Our air fresheners are also suitable for use in the home, and many variations can be used in other locations too, such as cupboards, draws and even gym bags! KCCI are able to supply a variety of innovative air care products to give you a fresh air fragrance when you want it, where you want it!

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Protection. Function. Fashion.

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When Maurice H. Kraines founded Kraco in 1954 this was his focus. He didn’t want to simply produce another automotive accessory. He wanted to give the motor enthusiast what they wanted and what they needed.

He had a clear vision of what that was. At the time, the first product to bear the Kraco name was a range of snap-on whitewall tires.

A cheaper option than buying whitewall tires and better than the alternatives because it didn’t just look good it actually protected the tire.

Just because the fashion for whitewall tires faded didn’t mean Kraco did. They were ready with a wealth of other products for the vehicle owner that wanted to protect their ride and add personality and style to it.

Maury Kraines knew that the car in America was and is much more than just transportation. It is a form of self-expression, an extension of your home and just like your home you want it to show your personality.

It was this interest in his customers that made Maurice H. Kraines and Kraco a success. He brought his sons into the business and they in turn brought their children into the business. This inter-generational leadership kept the vision alive: The vision that Kraco would always provide great products, great service at great value.

The passion for the automotive market went beyond just selling accessories though, in the 1980’s and 1990’s Kraco was represented in the Indy car circuit and worked with legends like Michael Andretti & Al Unser Jr. Kraco proved it was much more than an automotive accessory company by building its own racing car right in the facility in Compton, CA where they are still based today.

The innovation didn’t stop there as car stereo’s became more important and enthusiasts wanted more features than came with the standard stereo that came with their vehicles Kraco was there to provide them with exactly what they were looking for, big sound, amplifiers, equalizers and speakers.

The trend continued with a partnership with Motorola to bring transportable phones to the vehicle lover. This was the early days of cellular technology and phones weren’t yet ready for your pocket but had to be carried in a small bag, but, just as with other Kraco innovations, it was cutting edge technology.

Kraco continues today to provide great innovative products with great service at great value the vision hasn’t changed. Whether it is protecting the interior of your vehicle with car and steering wheel covers, to the carpeting with multi-season floor mats or even removing the odors from your interior Kraco continues with the original vision.

Dirt and grime are enemies to any vehicle’s floor carpet!

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Protect and enhance your car’s flooring with Kraco floor and cargo mats.

Choose from heavy-duty rubber or luxurious carpet options that will meet all of your car’s needs.

If you are looking for the ultimate in heavy-duty floor mats, Kraco Floor Armor® provides a level of durability unmatched by most other mats. These premium Floor Mats will withstand extremes of mud, snow, heavy wear and abuse to protect the floor of your vehicle. Just one look at the heavy-duty features and you’ll see that Kraco Floor Armor Floor Mats will keep your flooring protected even under the most extreme conditions.

Protect the floor of your car from dirt, grime, rain and snow and even the occasional spill that could spell disaster to your flooring. Whether you choose heavy-duty rubber or luxurious carpet, our high quality options offer protection, safety and style.

Every Kraco floor mat provides innovative features to enhance durability and performance while ensuring a secure fit.