KCCI Air Care

Refresh the air in your car

Freshen the interior of your car to enhance your driving experience.

Drive away unpleasant odours in your car. KCCI offers our customers a wide selection of high-quality automotive air fresheners. These include unique 3D novelty styles, value carded air fresheners, discreet under-the-seat sachets, and odor fighting sprays. Contact us today for more information.

KCCI offers a wide selection of car air fresheners to make your drive more enjoyable.

Clear the air with a selection of air fresheners that will help remove those offensive odours that just don’t seem to go away on their own. Whatever the odour, from smoke or gym clothes to wet dog or spilled food, the KCCI Air Care range will keep your car smelling as fresh as the great outdoors.

Little Joe®

Uniquely shaped vent freshener releases lasting fragrance and is available in a selection of colors

Little Dog

Little Dog

Little Joe's canine sidekick delivers long lasting fragrances while adding a burst of color to your car!

Paper Little Joe

Paper Little Joe

Carded air freshener version of our popular Little Joe line, with the same great fragrances!



Add an extra blast of fragrance to fight odours instantly.

Jewel Carded Air Freshener

An innovative carded air freshener with a cardboard sleeve that extends the life of the fragrance.

Under the Seat Vanilla

Under the Seat™

Fragrance sachet available in 4 fragrances can be placed under seats or anywhere in your vehicle without risk of spillage.

Organic Tin Cherry

Organic Tins

Long lasting, intense fragrance that can be placed out of sight or in the open.

3D Novelty

3D Novelty

3D Novelty styles are available in a wide variety of unique shapes and colours, as well as hanging and non-hanging options. These are the ideal way to add the personal touch to a vehicle.

Look for KCCI Air Care products at your local automotive products retailer.