KCCI Air Care

Refresh the air in your car

Freshen the interior of your car to enhance your driving experience.

Drive away unpleasant odours in your car. Scents™ Car Air Fresheners have been setting the standard since 1972, initially introduced under the MEDO brand and also known as Auto Expressions. Scents™ continues to use the same quality designs and fragrances today, while developing new products that keep pace with current market trends to provide our customers a wide selection of car air products. These include unique 3D novelty styles, discreet under-the-seat sachets, and innovative styles that use pioneering technology. Contact us today for more information.

KCCI offers a wide selection of car air fresheners to make your drive more enjoyable.

Clear the air with a selection of air fresheners that will help remove those offensive odours that just don’t seem to go away on their own. Whatever the odour, from smoke or gym clothes to wet dog or spilled food, the KCCI Air Care range will keep your car smelling as fresh as the great outdoors.

Under the Seat Vanilla

Under the Seat™

Fragrance sachet available in 4 fragrances can be placed under seats or anywhere in your vehicle without risk of spillage.


Little Joe® and Little Joya®

Uniquely shaped vent freshener releases lasting fragrance and is available in a selection of colors

Odour Elim Actual-4

Odour Eliminator

Patented technology fights odors and releases a light fragrance. Works best in a cup holder or other open area of the car.

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Vent Styles

Available in Vent Oil or Sticks, they work with airflow through the vehicle.


Pump Sprays

Great for extra blast of fragrance to fight strong odors instantly.


Ultra Gel®

Place in an open area of your car for consistent release of fragrance.

Organic Tin Cherry

Organic Tins

Long lasting, intense fragrance that can be placed out of sight or in the open.



Tin can open or close to increase or reduce fragrance and can be placed under the seat or in the open.


3D Novelty

3D Novelty styles are available in a wide variety of unique shapes and colours, as well as hanging and non-hanging options. These are the ideal way to add the personal touch to a vehicle.


Novelty Card

Carded air freshener variations of the most popular 3D novelty styles, as well as some alternative varieties.


Ultra Norsk

Ultra Norsk Leaf Scents, identified by their unique leaf shape are available as a single pack or a pack of 4 in a broad range of fragrances including a selection of super strong fragrances.


Sales Display

Looking for a display unit to display your Scents air care range? Contact us today about styles and quantities available.

Breakthrough innovation from KCCI delivers the ultimate in auto air care.

Compact Diffuser

The Scents Compact Diffuser is a stylish, compact car air freshener that clips to the vent and releases a pleasant fragrance as the air from the vent passes around the unit. It also contains odour eliminating technology that will eliminate any malodours at the same time.

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