KCCI Auto Accessories

Add comfort and safeguard the most essential areas in your car

KCCI offers complete solutions for adding comfort, security and style to your car.

Whether you want to personalize your interior with a fashionable seat cover, add comfort and style to your steering wheel, organize what you use when you’re on the road, protect the finish on your car with a cover or minimize heat and glare with a sunshade, KCCI accessories offer a solution for every need. We’re constantly updating and expanding the range of products to keep ahead of the trends and needs of drivers today. Available in styles from fashionable and trendy to practical and functional, there’s something here for everyone.

Seat Covers

Maintain the interior of your car with attractive and fashionable Kraco® Seat Cover. KCCI offers styles for cars, vans and trucks, in low back, universal back and bench seat styles. Choices range from classic styles and colours to trendy and sporty designs in a variety of fabrics. All are ideal for personalizing your vehicle. Whether you are updating the look of an older car, or protecting the interior of a new one, KCCI seat covers are the perfect solution.

Selected Kraco® Seat Covers are also available in kits. Each varies by style and can include coordinating Steering Wheel Covers, Decals, Sunshades and Shoulder Pads in addition to the Seat Covers. Contact us for more details

Steering Wheel Covers

A Kraco® Steering wheel cover from KCCI, will add safety and comfort to your drive. When it’s hot outside, your steering wheel will stay cooler. And when it’s cold, holding tight to a “naked” steering wheel can make for a loose, unsafe grip. Steering wheel covers can help give you better control by encouraging a better grip on the wheel. They’re designed to coordinate with KCCI Seat Covers in practical, sporty and fashionable styles that slip on or stretch on for easy installation.

Sun Protection

When days are hot and sunny, you will try anything to keep the interior of your car cool. Kraco® Sunshades have been tested and proven to reduce interior car temperatures by up to 7°C/44°F while blocking 99% of UV rays which will really make a difference when you get into your car. They are available in both accordion and collapsible styles in a range of practical and fun designs.

Rain-X® Car Covers

When your car is going to be left in situ for a period of time and may be open to the elements, Rain-X® Car Covers are able to offer the necessary protection to the vehicle. The water resistant outer will ensure the vehicle is protected against rain, dirt, snow and frost, whilst the soft interior will help protect the surface from scratches. Rain-X® Car Covers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit the majority of vehicles.

Interior Organization and Accessories

Spend a lot of time in your car? Why not make it neat and comfortable? KCCI has a variety of accessories that help organize cargo and miscellaneous items. For more comfort, add a seat cushion or a seat belt shoulder pad. All are designed to make your drive more enjoyable. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just contact us and we’ll be able to help.