KCCI Auto Accessories

Add comfort and safeguard the most essential areas in your car

KCCI offers solutions for adding comfort, security and style to your car.

Whether you want to personalize your interior with a fashionable seat cover, add comfort and style to your steering wheel, organize what you use when you’re on the road, protect the finish on your car with a cover or minimize heat and glare with a sunshade, KCCI accessories offer a solution for every need. We’re constantly updating and expanding the range of products to keep ahead of the trends and needs of drivers today. Available in styles from fashionable and trendy to practical and functional, there’s something here for everyone.

Rain-X® Car Covers

When your car is going to be left in situ for a period of time and may be open to the elements, Rain-X® Car Covers are able to offer the necessary protection to the vehicle. The water resistant outer will ensure the vehicle is protected against rain, dirt, snow and frost, whilst the soft interior will help protect the surface from scratches. Rain-X® Car Covers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit the majority of vehicles.