Kraco’s Cargo Boot Mat with Storage

Check out Kraco’s newest floor mat innovation – The Cargo Boot Mat with Storage. A sleek and attractive Boot Mat that instantly opens into a spacious organizer. Use flat when hauling gardening supplies, or the family dog, then simply pull up on the convenient tabs to open into dual storage compartments. The Cargo Boot Mat with Storage features trim lines for a custom fit in most cars and SUVs.

We’re sure you’ve had that sinking feeling when you turn a corner and hear all your shopping rolling around in the back. With the Kraco Cargo Boot Mat, this never need be a concern again! Now you never need worry about the eggs getting crushed or bottles breaking when you leave the supermarket. Just pull up the tabs to open the two storage compartments and load up the goods. Ideal for when you’ve forgotten those carrier bags and want to avoid that 5p charge, these storage units mean you can transport your items home easily and are even detachable so that you can transport the goods to your home, still in the storage unit. There is ample space at the sides of the compartments, which can be used for larger items that don’t need to be contained.


Road Warrior? – Worry no more!Work Storage


There’s nothing better around to organize all your work materials when you’re on the road. Sized to easily accommodate file boxes and folders, notepads, sales samples and more, the Kraco® Cargo Boot Mat with Storage will become your well organized mobile office.

Family Road Trip? Be Prepared.Shopping Storage

Drive confidently knowing you are prepared for roadside maintenance and emergencies – Use one side for the first aid kit, wipes, snacks, water and other survival gear and the other side to hold car maintenance items like a break down kit, jump leads and a flashlight. It’s always smart to plan ahead for those unexpected events, especially when you are on a long road trip.


After School Activities? You will really appreciate the convenience.

You know how much gear the kids bring to the field, and how messy it can get after the game. The Kraco Cargo Boot Mat wActivity Storageill keep your car clean, while the sports equipment can be securely stored in the compartments. Plus, when you are hauling the kids around, it’s a great place to store games and indoor car activities, snacks and other things to entertain them especially when you get stuck in traffic or are on a longer trip.



Best of all, when you’re ready to clean up, the Kraco Cargo Mat is easy to vacuum and wash with a mild detergent. It’s nice to know you’ve protected your vehicle’s interior, through all the daily wear and tear your life dishes out. And at the same time, helping to maintain your car’s interior and boosting its resale value when it’s time to sell.

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