Travelling with pets this Christmas?

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On the Road with Man’s Best Friend

For many of us, our pets are our family. Often, the car will be loaded up, all ready for a road trip, only to be faced with the fact that it’s not so safe, comfortable or well-prepared to carry a dog for periods of time.

Here are 10 ideas for a more pet friendly vehicle:

  1. In-Car Tether – Prevent dogs from jumping into the front seat or falling during quick stops with this functional product.  These can be found in the pet section at larger automotive retailers, or in the automotive section at larger pet stores.93857
  2. Pet Seat Protectors – Quick and easy to install, Kraco Pet Seat protectors keep your seats dry and free of dirt, suitable for bucket or bench seats. Ideal for after spending the day running in the rain, playing in the snow or even after a day at the beach! Available at amazon:
    Kraco Pet Seat Protector
  3.  Seat Covers – A more permanent solution to the Pet Seat Protector – keep the front and back seats of your car protected year-round from spills, tears and stains with the Kraco Scotchgard Seat Cover Sets, available in black and grey, as front pairs or full sets:
    Scotchgard Protection – Front Pair – Black
    Scotchgard Protection – Full Set – GreySG Seat Cover Grey
  4. Floor Mats – Available in all shapes and sizes, check out this floor mat for the boot that also folds out to ensure items don’t roll around in the boot, such as pet toys and groceries:
    Kraco Boot Mat Protector
    Kraco Boot Mat
  5. Squeegee – Here’s a cool little trick – Check out this post that shows how to get hair off of car carpets and upholstery by running a squeegee over the mess and picking up the resulting clumps: Remove pet hairs with a squeegee!
  6. Sun Shades - Sunshades are a great tool, not only for children in the back of the car, but also for pets. Easily found at any good local automotive retailer.
  7. Pet Insurance – Dogs aren’t covered for public liability insurance, so if  your pet dog causes a car accident, it is likely that you’ll be liable for the cost and this isn’t always covered on your home insurance: Cut Pet insurance costs
  8. Dog Ramp – A pet-friendly folding ramp will assist smaller or older dogs to hop in and out of the car more easily. These can be found at larger automotive stores, pet stores and online.
  9. Baking Soda – Sometimes our pets have accidents in the car. Soak up urine or vomit from your interior carpet with a natural ingredient like baking soda. Check out this informative and cute video: Unique Baking Soda Uses 
  10. Odour eliminating car air freshener – Auto Expressions Odour Eliminating air fresheners release a pleasant fragrance, whilst fighting unpleasant odours, available at selected Asda stores and as a 4 pack on Amazon:
    Odour Eliminating Air Freshener

Odour Elim Actual-4Odour Elim Actual-4Odour Elim Actual-4Odour Elim Actual-4

So there you go – 10 great tips and ideas for a more pet friendly vehicle to help ensure you travel safely and comfortably with your pet in the coming weeks.

Season’s Greetings from all of us at Kraco Car Care International!

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