Kraco® Floor Mats – Protect your Vehicle

Anti-Slip_1200x800Many cars have a fitted floor covering on the interior and sometimes even a protective area by the floor pedals, however once this starts to wear there’s no easy way to replace this. With this fitted floor covering spills and marks are hard to clean, and if moisture levels build up in the same area there is a risk of mould forming, resulting in an unpleasant interior environment. KCCI offer a vast array of floor mats in a variety of styles, ensuring the original floor covering remains protected and mats can be easily removed for cleaning and replaced if needed.

Kraco Carpet floor mats are available in various styles, including the following:

  • Kraco VALUE Carpet Floor Mats are available in a 4 Piece Set. Most are UV and stain-resistant. The anti-skid nib backing keeps these mats in place, and many styles also comprise of a protective vinyl heel pad on the drivers seat, which is open to a great deal of wear.
  • Kraco PREMIUM Carpet Floor Mats are a step up from the Value range. In addition to the features of the Value range, the Premium range are made of plush and luxurious Sisal fibre, for quality that lasts longer.
  • Kraco ECOessential™ Carpet Floor Mats are produced from recycled materials, ensuring protection of your vehicle and the environment! These are a durable, all-weather carpet floor mat and feature a sculptured protective heel pad, as well as the anti-skid nib backing.
  • Kraco ECOessential™ Carpet Replacement Roll is available in two sizes, a 3′ x 6′ (approx. 91cm x 183cm) and a 6′ x 9′ (approx. 183cm x 274cm) customisable trim-to-fit mat that can be used in restoration of a vehicles interior.
  • Kraco Door Mats are available in 18″ x 24″ (approx. 36cm x 61cm) and 3′ x 5′ (approx. 91cm x 152cm) sizes, in the standard colours, as well as selected fashion designs.
  • SCOTCHGARD™ Protected Floor Mats are also available to provide that extra bit of protection when it’s needed. The SCOTCHGARD protection will ensure that any spills do not sink in and can be easily soaked up from the surface of the mat, offering more protection to the vehicle as well as a longer lasting mat.

Kraco Floor Mats are available in standard colours to match your cars interior, as well as fashion design options available on selected styles, there’s no reason not to choose Kraco to meet your floor mat needs!  Contact us for our full range and availability.

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