10 Car and Home air care products for a pleasant fragrance in your surroundings

In car air freshener With Kraco’s Breakthrough Innovation in Air Care technology, there’s no reason to drive around with unpleasant smells in your car. Our air fresheners are also suitable for use in the home, and many variations can be used in other locations too, such as cupboards, draws and even gym bags! KCCI are able to supply a variety of innovative air care products to give you a fresh air fragrance when you want it, where you want it!

• Scents™ On Demand™ — Simply turn the dial one click to release two hours of fragrance when you want it. Scents On Demand uses patented technology that works great in hot and cold weather. It doesn’t require airflow from the car vent for the fragrance to be released, so can be used anywhere you want to control odour, such as: in your car, in the bathroom, in the gym bag, in the kitchen… or anywhere else you require a fragrant atmosphere.

• Scents™ Smart Release™ — Patented Fuel Cell technology delivers a constant, level stream of fragrance for 45 days… the most consistent in the automotive air care market. It doesn’t require any airflow from your car vent to work, and the fragrance strength on Day 45 will be equal the fragrance strength on Day 1. It is not affected by the heat or cold, and can be placed anywhere. Release date TBC.

 Scents™ Carded range—Designed to hang, the carded air fresheners are available in a variety of fragrance options, pack sizes and designs. The Scents Leaf range is available in a wide selection of fragrances, but if you are seeking something a little more decorative, further carded designs include cherries, strawberries and other desirable shapes and fragrances!

 Scents™ Pump Spray– For an immediate fragrance burst, Scents Pump Sprays provide an intense shot of fragrance whenever this is required, neutralising any unpleasant odours, and available in a variety of fragrances.

• Scents™ Ultra-Gel™ – The Ultra Gel product releases fragrance from a convenient no-spill 25g tub. It can be placed anywhere for long-lasting freshness and won’t melt in high temperatures.

• Scents™ Under the Seat™ – A discreet aroma-releasing mesh pouch holds scented crystal type beads, and can be placed anywhere for a long-lasting fragrance: in the car, home or even a gym bag.

• Scents™ Vent Sticks™ – These fit discreetly onto the vent and uses air from the vents to circulate throughout the vehicle. Vent sticks are available in a variety of fragrances and multiple sticks can be used at one time to increase the fragrance intensity.

• Scents™ Vent Oil™ – An oil based vent air freshener that visibly clips to the vent and uses patented technology, designed by Kraco, to ensure the fragrance is released as the air circulates through the device and around the vehicle. Available as single scent variations, or a dual fragrance unit that combines 2 scents.

 Scents™ Novelty – Available in various unique designs that are decorative, distinctive and fun. These including hanging units, such as cherries, a palm tree, a football and more, as well as Little Joe- a fun character that clips on a vent, and flowers that easily attach to glass. All enabling you to personalise your vehicle.

• Odour Eliminator™ – The Odour Eliminator is available as a disk and a gel and can be placed anywhere. The Odour Eliminator uses patented technology to fight and eliminate odours including cigarette smoke, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance.

Here are just 10 of our air care products and with other options available, KCCI are able to meet all your air care needs! Let us know if you would like any information regarding our air care offering and we will be happy to help.

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